RSLF December Projects

We are delighted to share the news of the Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation. This month they have launched  two projects. The first is the 2-3-4 Campaign, which is an effort to raise $35,000 to fund: two full ride scholarships (travel included) to the Scrutopia Summer School, three online seminars; and four online reading groups.

The second is the Thoughts from a Life series, which is a series of 500-word blog posts on the Foundation's website featuring senior figures and intellectuals from around the world on different aspects of Roger's life and thought. Last week, Mark Dooley began the series with a piece on Roger as a Man of Letters and this past Monday's piece was from Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Roger and the West. The next post will be on Friday, which will be a piece from Ryszard Legutko on Roger in Central Europe. 



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Just in time for Christmas...details of our Summer School Programmes can now be found on the website
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